On-the-Job Training Grant Application

Frederick County Workforce Services is pleased to offer On-the-Job Training (OJT) grants to eligible employers in Frederick County. Work-based training can be an effective strategy for employers to develop a highly skilled workforce. OJT funding helps to reduce the costs associated with training new employees where skilled, qualified workers are difficult to find. Employers can apply for reimbursement funds of up to 50% of the new trainee's wages during the On-the-Job Training period to off-set the cost of providing training.


To be eligible to participate in the On-the-Job Training program, employers must fulfill the following requirements:

·   Be a Frederick County employer in good standing.

·  Have an actual vacancy that can be filled with a candidate that requires training in order to be fully functional in the position.   

·  Have the willingness, intent, and ability to develop and provide training and supervision to an OJT candidate.

·  Commit to hire an employee and provide training and supervision consistent with the job description.   Note: Candidate’s actual start date may not precede contract development.

·  Maintain conditions of employment and training in full accordance with all federal, state and local laws and ordinances (including anti-discrimination, labor and employment laws, environmental laws or health and safety laws).

·  Certify that this vacancy was not the result of a job loss of another employee for the reason of business relocation or in order to access OJT funding for a new hire.


1. Complete and submit this application form to Frederick County Workforce Services. 

2. Provide a job description for the position that will be filled with an OJT position.

3. Submit a certificate of insurance to provide proof of coverage specified by FCWS.

4. Identify a suitable candidate for the actual vacancy.  

a. Candidates identified by the business are referred to FCWS to determine eligibility for OJT participation.

b. FCWS can pre-screen and refer potential eligible candidates to the business for consideration

5. Selected candidates must complete the eligibility determination and registration process at FCWS BEFORE starting employment.

6. Once a candidate is identified, the business identifies the candidate’s skill gaps and submits an appropriate training plan (including skills to be learned, time frame for expected training, and a description of how the skills will be learned).

7.  Upon approval, a meeting will be scheduled to review grant contract and conditions of reimbursement.

8. The candidate may begin work as an employee as soon as the grant agreement is signed by all parties, including the County Purchasing Department.  This may take up to two weeks. 

9. During the OJT phase, the employer provides written updates regarding training progress.

10. Reimbursement is provided after successful completion of the OJT program and the appropriate documents are submitted.

Thank you for your interest in the OJT program!  If you have questions after reviewing this application, please call 301.600.2255 to speak to a Business Services Consultant or email businessinfo@frederickcountymd.gov.

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As part of the On-the-Job training application, FCWS requests that participating employers complete a training plan for each potential OJT position. Please complete all fields below. Thank you.

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