Exploring Documented Intimacy is a process-oriented photo and video collaboration between director Lydia Love and select models. The project is about exploring intimacy by deconstructing the production model of pornography. Because the stigma of pornography has arrested the expression of intimacy in visual format, removing the various components of pornography creates insight into what a documented intimacy might look like if the stigma of porn did not exist. A major component of the project is to put all of the power into the hands of the model and learn how the director and crew can best serve her.

These intimate vignettes are not necessarily erotic or even sensual, but are personal to some degree. Aspects of sexuality are welcome but not expected. The collaboration will ultimately progress to a discourse between the model and the crew as to how best to capture their specific intimacy. An optional second layer is the exploration of risk and stigma associated with pornography, as well as the dynamics that arise in the director-model relationship when external audiences are considered. We will be dissecting and deconstructing these concerns and insecurities in order to bring insight and critique into adult entertainment.

This project is meant for performers and non-performers, at all levels of modesty and curiosity. The work comes in phases of intimacy, giving the model plenty of space to assess comfort levels and build trust, communication, and awareness. The journey and enjoyment of the model(s) is always top priority.

This form is to facilitate the conversation of potential levels of involvement for you as talent (model). Please note: this collaboration is unpaid. Of any moneys gained from distribution, the model(s) will receive 50%.

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* 2. I am interested in negotiating a photo shoot exploring:

  with just me with myself and a friend with myself and someone else
non-erotic emotional intimacy
non-erotic psychological intimacy
non-erotic physical intimacy
sensual intimacy and the clothes stay on
sensual intimacy and there is full nudity
sexual intimacy within modest parameters
sexual intimacy with reckless abandon

* 4. I would like to be considered as a model.