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IIBA staff wish to thank you for your volunteer work and ask you for just another few moments to complete our survey.   We look forward to your feedback.
This survey is strictly confidential. If you wish to discuss opportunities for enhancements or concerns you have as a result of your volunteer experience, please complete the final question with your contact information.
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IIBA Staff

* 1. What volunteer opportunity did you participate in?

* 2. How much of an impact do you feel your volunteer work had on the BA Community?

* 3. How useful were the volunteer training sessions at IIBA?

* 4. How professional was the staff?

* 5. Overall, were you satisfied with your volunteer experience at IIBA?

* 6. What additional "tools" would make your work more effective?

* 7. Do you feel IIBA does enough to recognize your participation as a volunteer?

* 8. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 9. Quotable Quotes.  By giving us a quote you agree that IIBA can share this in various media forms.  (i.e.  website, newsletters etc.)

* 10. Thank you for your time!

The survey is completely anonymous.  If you wish to discuss any ideas or suggestions, please provide your contact information.