The best advertising is word of mouth. Our customers readily recommend us to family, friends and co-workers and our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We continue to receive very positive responses from our clients. We send a client survey to each one of our valued customers, where they can rate and comment on our services. Please help us improve our product and our service by completing this survey.

* 1. What is your first and last name?

* 2. How professional did you find our company?

* 3. How many home inspections have you had in the past?

* 4. Compared to our competitors, how is our service?

* 5. How well did the inspector at our company answer your questions?

* 6. Overall, are you satisfied with the inspector(s) at our company?

* 7. How did you find the quality and thoroughness of the inspection and the report?

* 8. Is there anything we might be able to do to improve our service?

* 9. Your statements help us market, feedback on when we fall short helps us improve. Please give a short testimonial, which we may post on our website. Better yet is if you can post a testimonial on our Google Place Page or on our Homestars Page, the links to these sites were given in the email with your report.
Thanks Again!