WSS 3 Year School Calendar Survey

The calendar survey is an opportunity for you to provide feedback to your school principal regarding bell schedules, early dismissal days, and other non-instructional days. The principal will use that information when creating the local school calendar, then submit your feedback to the Board of Education for their consideration when they vote to approve all local school calendars in School District No.48 (Sea to Sky).

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* 1. Parent/Teacher conferences are typically held around the sixth week of the semester to provide staff and parents an opportunity to discuss student learning. Parents can meet with teachers from 2:30 pm until early evening (in addition to booking individual times outside of these interview times). Do the dates and times continue to meet your needs as a parent?staff member?student?

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* 2. Teacher collaboration at WSS involves learning and planning innovative pedagogical and assessment practices using the new curriculum and our Pathways to Learning model. We are considering additional time for teachers to continue this work. We would like to hear your comments regarding the recommendation for additional time to plan and prepare using the new K-12 curriculum.

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* 3. Would you be in support of a "Semester Turn-Around" Day on the last day of Semester 1? This would be a non-instructional day that would allow staff to plan for Semester 2 courses and provide an opportunity for some students to come in and receive additional time and support to successfully complete course outcomes.

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