TITLE: Teachers as Scholars - Social Justice in the ELA Class: Diversifying our Reading Lists So Students Can See Themselves
DATE: April 25, 2018
TIME: 4:30 - 7:30 PM
LOCATION: Montclair State University - University Hall 5009
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Laura Nicosia

Common sense tells us that the literature we teach in our classes and that our students read on their own can offer opportunities to critique false and harmful misrepresentations of various Others. We know that guided discussions can lead children to question their assumptions and to expand their social and intellectual horizons. Teacher preparation programs only recently began focusing their philosophical frameworks on the promotion of social justice—and when this does occur, such preparation is usually localized within pedagogy classes rather than within the content area. Consequently, ELA educators know how to promote social justice and democracy in their classes, but are not as familiar with texts that “walk the walk.”

We also know that students (and teachers) need to see themselves in the books they read, the films they watch, and the texts they encounter. Most curricular reading lists, however, are lacking in the kinds of diversities we see and need in New Jersey.

During this session, Dr. Nicosia will suggest current, popular and engaging titles that contribute to a commitment to diversifying our reading lists and have a profound social impact upon students and educators.
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