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Prolonged drought conditions experienced in Victoria often mean that the recreational lakes, weirs and even rivers in the Wimmera Southern Mallee region have little or no water, taking away some of the community’s important assets. Street Ryan is currently working with Wimmera Development Association, GWM Water, the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority, and Local Councils in undertaking an assessment of the economic and social contribution made by the local weirs, lakes and rivers to the regional economy in order to support ongoing water allocations. This assessment is year one of a longer term annual study.

Results of this survey will be used to support development of facilities and government grant applications as well as planning for future water allocations. 
Please note that your confidentiality is assured. Financial, and other quantitative information you provide, will only be reported in aggregated summary form. We may use quotes from your comments – but these will not be attributed to you.

The Wimmera Southern Mallee Recreational Water Values Project is a collaboration between, Wimmera CMA, GWMWater, WDA and the WSM Councils funded by the Victorian Government as part of Water for Victoria.

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