The Four Seasons
May 30, 2018

* 1. How many students did you bring to the performance?

* 2. What grade/grades are your students in?
(Choose all that apply )

* 3. What is the racial background of your students?
(Choose all that apply)

* 4. How important was this trip as a cultural and educational experience?

* 5. Did you use the Teachers' Guide?

* 6. If you used the Teachers's Guide, how effective was the material for your classroom?

* 7. How would you rate your students' enjoyment of the performance?

* 8. Are you interested in bringing your students to an IBE performance again next year?

* 9. Do you have any comments about the IBE performance and /or the Teachers's Guide?

* 10. To how many IBE performances have you brought your students; Nutcracker and Spring Show?