Please help us improve the quality of the PMTP by responding to the following survey.

* 1. Please answer these questions about the general design of the PMTP.

  Fully agree Partly agree Neutral Partly disagree Fully disagree
The texts on the webpages are easy to read.
The images and video clips are of good quality.
The pages are well-structured.
The information is presented in an interesting manner.
The website is relatively free from typographical and grammatical errors.
The purpose of the website is clearly stated.
The website does not exhibit any social biases (e.g. gender, racial, cultural, religious, age).
The website does not require the user to divulge personal information or to pay a usage fee.
The navigation within the webpages is fairly easy and intuitive.
Different sections provide clear authorship clues.
The overall site design is pleasing.

* 2. Please answer these questions about the content of the PMTP.

  Fully agree Partly agree Neutral Partly disagree Fully disagree
The topics presented are relevant for the main subject areas of PERICLES.
The content is informative and current.
The content is comprehensible (given that the stated prerequisites are met).
Much of the content is original.
Each Module clearly states the target audience and prerequisites.
Within the Modules, concepts are explained clearly.
The content gave me a deeper insight into the topic.
The content developed my abilities and skills within the subject matter.
The Modules encouraged critical engagement with the material.
The Modules were successful in creating an environment that was conducive to learning.
The Module was an effective way to learn.
The Modules presented the information in a helpful sequence.
Following the Modules was an effective way to learn.
I found the content useful and informative.

* 3. Please rate the overall effectiveness of this collection of learning material.

* 4. Please identify what you consider to be the strengths of this material.

* 5. Please identify the area(s) in which this collection could be improved.

Thank you! We value your feedback. Please feel free to contact with any questions or comments about the PERICLES Modular Training Package.

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