Education and Education Funding

Several issues are under consideration during this year’s Legislative Session. Please help me know where you stand on some of these important matters under consideration. Your input helps me represent our district more effectively.

* 1. Please enter your email address for this survey.

* 2. Do you support an increase in Education Funding?

* 3. 100% of Income Tax is utilized to fund Education. Do you support the Legislature raising state income tax specifically to fund education with a Bill?

* 4. Would you prefer that the Legislative forward a proposed ballot initiative to increase state income tax specifically to fund education?

* 5. Would you prefer that our State fund education increases through environmentally sound use of our natural resources (oil, gas, minerals) managed by our State with increased access and control of our public lands?

* 6. Do you support requirements for how the money is spent on programs, teacher pay, merit pay, technology?

* 7. Do you prefer that the money go directly to the districts to determine how it is programmed?

* 8. Do you think Utah’s Education system is performing well?

* 9. What do you believe creates the greatest opportunity to improve education?

Rank your answers from 1 to 6 with 1 being the highest priority.

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Increase technology in schools
Limit funding used for administration and direct it toward teacher pay and classroom instruction
Economic development to increase funding for public schools
Raise the income tax to increase funding for public schools
More parental choice and involvement

* 10. Tell me what you think would improve education in our state?

7% of survey complete.