1. Survey Definition and Notices

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For this survey the term "medical marijuana" refers to a licensed or accredited physician recommended and supervised treatment plan which includes marijuana to treat one or more specific health care conditions in a part of the world where local, state/province or federal legislation allows for the use of marijuana as part of a medical treatment plan. In areas where legislation conflicts regarding the use of marijuana to treat a specific health condition, the ability and willingness of an accredited or licensed physician to recommend and supervise a treatment plan which includes marijuana to treat one of more specific health care conditions shall qualify as the use of medical marijuana.
NOTICE: Please avoid providing any personally identifiable information in the comment boxes of this survey. If such information is provided, it is done so at the participant's own risk. Please do not include your name, street address, zip code, personal identification numbers, doctor, pharmacy or health care facility names or any other information which could possibly identify specific individuals, businesses (including dispensaries) or organizations.