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Once a year, I like to poll my awesome Red Slice community to find out what entrepreneurs, creators, marketers, movers, and shakers like you are working on, what you're struggling with the most, what inspires you and what you're interested in learning from me over at

This feedback helps me create content, courses and other offerings that you'll love.

Please fill out this survey by Saturday, December 17, 2016. I will choose 5 survey participants at random to each win a fabulous prize  (yes, chocolate and an online shopping spree may be included...#justsayin! :-)

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* 4. Which statement is most true for you?

* 5. Do you PRIMARILY sell....?

* 6. Are you a published author or ACTIVELY working toward your first book?

* 7. When it comes to brand-building, marketing and promotion, what frustrates you/do you struggle with the most? Please be as specific as possible!

* 8. Which business or marketing experts/blogs do you follow or admire? And if you have time to share, what do you love about their work?

* 9. I would love to... (please choose up to ONLY 3 of the most pressing ones that apply!)

* 10. Anything else you'd like to tell me about building your brand, marketing your business or promoting your message?