SUNY Downstate Medical Center Faculty Career Development Survey

Please take a moment to complete this brief anonymous survey. The purpose of the survey is to:

(1) help us understand the needs of junior faculty with respect to career development and mentoring,
(2) help us identify mid-career and senior level faculty interested in mentoring, and
(3) help us identify research infrastructure needs and other things needed to help advance our missions of research and education.

NOTE: Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

* 1. Did you attend the 1st Annual Faculty Career Development Conference on Tuesday May 1, 2012?

* 2. If not, were you aware of the conference?

* 3. Would you be interested in attending career development conferences or workshops in the future?

* 4. What is your current position at SUNY Downstate Medical Center?

* 5. On which track is your current appointment?

* 6. What is your current primary appointment level?

* 7. How long have you been employed at SUNY Downstate Medical Center?

NOTE: If you are an Associate Professor or Professor, please answer this question and then skip to question 22.