This is a pre-application for hosting for 2018 and future years.  

Answering (yes or no)  does not guarantee hosting an event or not hosting an event. What this will provide  the team guidance on how much equipment we need to furnish if we hold an event at a location.

Priority will be given to applicants from states we have not held an event

If selected we will ask for pictures of the spaces before a final decision is made.

* 1. Table top work space for 14-18 participants (a 5' x 5' work table will host 4 participants).  conference room tables may not be strong enough.

* 2. Electrical outlets and extension cords sufficient to run all power tools (12-15)

* 3. Drill press  minimum size is a 8- 12" table top model  (Large group events 16+ will need 2)

* 4. Rigid Sanding station (belt/spindle sander)  found at Home depot cost ~$200   (Qty 2)

* 5. Bandsaw 12" or larger to cut headstocks

* 6. Computer classroom or classroom with tables 16-18 seats -- Instructor station with Projection capability

* 7. wifi accounts / or open access to internet

* 8. Building access the Sunday prior to the Monday institute start (usually Sunday 1pm-4pm)

* 9. Contact Information