The West Ryde Plaza Embellishment is part of the City of Ryde's Four Year Delivery Plan (2016-2020), to create more inviting and activated public spaces in our Town and Neighbourhood Centres.

Earlier this year we completed Stage 1 of the community consultation where we asked for your thoughts on what elements you would like to see in the plaza, and where in the plaza you would like to see them.

As part of Stage 1, the community ranked the Top 5 elements that are most important to have in the plaza as part of the embellishment.

The Top 5 elements are: 
1. Shade (trees, shade sails)
2. Greenery (trees, landscaping)
3. Furniture (scattered seating, tables and chairs)
4. Play for kids (play space)
5. Open space (for events)

Based on the feedback received, Council has now developed a concept design for the plaza. For Stage 2, we would like to hear your comments on the design through this short survey.

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