1. CODEPINK Rocks the Conventions!

* 1. PEACE IS PATRIOTIC: We are kicking off our presence at the RNC with a "Peace is Patriotic" Parade. What banners, slogans, skits, visuals, words would you like to add to our parade? We want it to be full of life and joy, and demonstrate the world we want to create.

* 2. DELEGATES FOR PEACE! Our goal at the DNC is to get delegates to be "Delegates for Peace" and we will have stickers, buttons and a pledge. We will be meeting them at the airport and greeting them at their hotels, encouraging them to wear and carry the peace message.

* 3. SEPARATION OF CORPORATION & STATE: Many corporations--such as ExxonMobil, Xcel Energy and Pfizer--are sponsoring the RNC. We will join some of their gala receptions to call for the separation of corporations and state.

* 4. WAR IS NOT GREEN: Both parties are spending a lot of energy on "greening" their conventions and we'll be sure to be there with our "War is Not Green" message. We will be highlighting the fact that ending war is one of the greenest things you can do. What are your suggestions for creative ways to get that message across?

* 5. AT&T, SPYING AND THE DNC: We're cooking up a creative demonstration to highlight that AT&T is funding the DNC right after Congress gave them immunity for spying. We'll expose the hypocrisy of Democrats supporting FISA and the wiretapping of citizens. What are your ideas for banners, chants, songs, and messaging?

* 6. BRIDGES NOT BOMBS: The Twin Cities have many bridges and we will cover them with banners for the delegates to see as they move to and from the Convention Center. We will remind delegates of the tragic bridge collapse from last year to highlight the need to rebuild at home instead of funding war. What other messages would you like to see on those banners?

* 7. MARCHING WITH A MESSAGE: We will march to the stadium where 75,000O people will hear Obama deliver his acceptance address. What are the most important messages you feel we should carry during the march and into the stands?

* 8. ROCKIN' AFFINITY GROUPS: Check out our creative action "Affinity Groups", small groups of 10-12, who will use costumes, songs, props and street theater to convey their messages! We'd love any creative suggestions for messages, slogans, and actions.
Cut and paste this url into your browser to read more about each group www.codepinkalert.org/affinitygroups