1. Web User Experience with a Coupon Code

Help us fill out this online survey and receive a coupon code for purchasing FoldTuk at 20% discount.

1. What took you to our website?

2. Do you still remember where you first hear about our products?

3. How do you think of your overall experience with our website?

4. After reviewing our website, how well do you understand FoldTuk Kitchenware's functionality?

5. After fully reviewing our website, are you still skeptical that our product might leach BPA when heated?

6. What is it that makes you decide to buy? (multiple choices)

7. What is it that makes you decide not to buy? (multiple choices)

8. What is it that makes you decide to wait and see? (multiple choices)

9. Please use one word to describe your overall impression of our company?

10. Any additional feedback would be greatly appreciated.

11. Please leave us your email address to receive the coupon code purchasing FoldTuk Kitchenware at our online store. (The email address would only be used for keeping in touch with you, not for sharing it with third party marketers.)