1. BBYO Convention - Parent Evaluation

* 1. Please indicate how you found out about this program opportunity for your teen. Please select all that apply:

* 2. Which people were most influential in your decision to allow your teen to attend this convention? Please select all that apply:

* 3. What were you HOPING your child would gain from his/her experience at the convention? Please select all that apply:

* 4. Please comment on your sense of what your child ACTUALLY gained from his/her/their experience at the convention:

* 5. Did your teen ask any interesting questions or initiate any discussions with your family related to his/her experience at the convention? If so, please describe:

* 6. Please indicate to what extent you were satisfied with the following:

  Not At All To A Great Extent N/A
Communication - BEFORE the convention
Communication - AFTER the convention
Your child's description of the convention's accommodations
Your child's description of his/her programmatic experience
Responsiveness of the BBYO professional to your communication

* 7. We understand that the current economic circumstances are difficult. We are striving to provide your teens with fun, meaningful, and affordable experiences. Please indicate the extent to which you thought the convention registration fee was reasonable:

* 8. After your teen's experience at this convention, how likely are you to recommend BBYO to another parent or friend in your community?

* 9. BBYO has a variety of ways that you as a parent can get more involved with BBYO. Please check any of the following options that interest you:

* 10. We are always looking to improve our programs for teens in our community. Please share any additional thoughts you have on how we can improve our conventions in the future:

* 11. How would you describe BBYO to another parent in 2-3 sentences?

* 12. If you would like to add your name so that we may use what you have written in the previous question for marketing purposes, please feel free to do so here:

* 13. What type of school does your child attend?

* 14. Do your children attend a Jewish summer camp?

* 15. If your family attends a synagogue, please indicate with which streams of Judaism your synagogue is affiliated:

* 16. Please feel free to include families you know who you think would be interested in and benefit from their teens' participation in BBYO:

* 17. Second Family

* 18. Third Family