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* 1. How often do you ride a bicycle?

* 2. Why do you ride a bicycle? (check as many as you like)

* 3. About how long do you usually ride your bicycle?

* 4. Are you comfortable or feel confident riding your bicycle

  Do not like to ride here Only ride here if necessary Partially Confident or Comfortable Very Confident or Comfortable
On a separated bicycle path
On a marked on-street bicycle lane
On an on-street bicycle route, sharing the lane with cars
On a low-traffic residential street or side street
On a medium or higher traffic main street

* 5. How do you feel about vehicular traffic in the neighborhood as it affects to your bicycling?

  Completely Unacceptable Occasionally Acceptable Mostly Acceptable Very Good
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Quantity or Volume
Driver Courtesy
Driver Adherence to Traffic Laws

* 6. If you could ride or take your bicycle over the Verrazano Bridge to Staten island, would you?

  Yes Maybe No
Ride on a bicycle path across the bridge
Place your bicycle on a bicycle rack on a bus

* 7. Tell us your favorite or most frequent ride(s) and destination(s) in or near the neighborhood.

* 8. What would make you want to ride your bicycle more in and around the area? Any other thoughts you would like to share about bicycling in Bay Ridge and Southern Brooklyn?

* 10. ... and your contact information, if you would like to share it. Not to worry, we will certainly not give your information to any other group. We just want to learn about who you are (g'day, neighbor!), the area of Brooklyn you call home, and be able to email you with occasional information about BRBRbrooklyn or other bicycle related news for the area. Feel free to answer as many or few items as you like.