Hello Brockton Business Community-
     We are glad you were able to join us on 10/15 at the roundtable or are interested in continuing to get more resources and support from the City of Brockton's Health Equity Taskforce when it comes to implementing COVID-19 safety and health guidelines and keeping you, your customers and staff safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Al Vega (al.vega@masscosh.org) by email or by calling 617-320-6299.


Brockton HETF Worker Safety Initiative Subcommittee

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* 1. What are top 3 challenges you face in keeping customers and workers safe?  Check only 3 boxes.

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* 2. What more do employers need to meet COVID-19 safety standards and implement best practices? Check all that apply

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* 3. What kind of trainings or technical assistance would you be interested in getting help with, if we were to offer another training or can follow up with you and your staff, to share more on the specific areas of focus below? Please check all that apply