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We want you to get engaged in our future campaign to restore marriage equality in California! We are organizing over 80 local community meetings in our Get Engaged Tour. Check out the current list of events on the web at www.getengaged.com to find the closest one to you.

In addition, we have created this survey to collect your input and contribution to a future campaign. We want this to be the biggest grassroots driven campaign ever. So tell us what you think and then give us your contact information so we can connect you with your local campaign. We need all the help we can get...so pass it on and get engaged!

* 2. We need to create a multi-faceted campaign that reaches out to swing voters and moderate religious leaders and communities. If you know, please provide the name and e-mail of the point person you think of in your local community who could help us reach out and empower the following communities and/or address the following issues:

* 3. What is the most important thing you hope to see in the next campaign for marriage equality and what support do you think is most important that a central campaign provide your community?

* 4. What benchmarks or metrics do you think are necessary to meet before "pulling the trigger" or launching a campaign (e.g., a robust field campaign in key regions of the state, strong coalitions with key organizations and communities, strong ballot language, realistic plan to raise sufficient funds, clear sense of how the campaign will be structured)?

* 5. Our research shows that we need around 500,000 new supporters to win a ballot initiative to repeal Proposition 8. That means, we would need almost 1,000 new supporters a day to win an initiative in November 2010 or just under 500 new supporters a day to win an initiative in November 2012. With that information and thinking about what you can personally do to support the work that needs to be done, should we go back to the ballot box in:

* 6. What values do you think are important to ensure that the next campaign works in an inclusive and productive manner (e.g., respect, space for disagreement, coalition building, transparency, diversity, accountability, efficiency, love, trust, data-driven)?