How Are We Doing?

A little over a month has passed since we were together in St. Catharines. You have had time to consider your experience and how it will impact the coming season. Now, we would like to know what thoughts have remained with you. REMEMBER to provide your contact info so we can enter you into a draw for a free registration to Ontario Contact 2020.

We are always seeking to improve the conference. We also hope to understand the value that Ontario Contact provides to you in your planning, programming, or business so that we can communicate this to potential funders. Your participation in this survey will help us to improve the conference to create the best experience for all. 

Question Title

* 1. Within the intensive three days of Ontario Contact, please identify those networking activities in which you participated and rate their value to you:

  Essential - Keep this! Important Helpful Had no value for me - Time for it to go. Did not participate
First Timers' Gathering (Thurs)
Agent & Managers Meeting (Sat)
OCMN Meeting (Sat)
Young Audience Presenters (Sat)

Question Title

* 2. In thinking back to the conference, what stands out for you?