About This Survey

We are working with the City of Newport to explore potential scenarios for bringing scheduled air service into the Newport Municipal Airport. The service would provide regular small carrier flights to and from the Newport Municipal Airport to Portland (PDX).

This survey is directed towards our Lincoln County regional business community to help us assess potential usage of future air service.

Any regularly scheduled commercial air service in a small municipal airport like Newport's would be supported by a combination of airfare revenue and an operational subsidy (which could be provided by the City, grant dollars, "key user" support or a combination of all three).

Currently, the Newport Municipal Airport offers free customer parking (short and longer term), rental car services and on-site WiFi.

The survey that follows should only take a few minutes - thank you for your time and attention and in helping us determining the real-world feasibility of this often-requested service.

The Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County
P.O. Box 716
Newport, OR 97365