1. Bradley Hilltopics Summer 2010

* 1. What did you think of the cover of the Summer 2010 issue? Please check all that apply.

* 2. Did you read ViewPoint (letters to the editor)?

* 3. Did you read NoteBook (Bradley news)?

* 4. Did you read the "46 years on the Hilltop" feature about Dr. Martin "Jerry" Abegg?

* 5. What did you think about the "46 years on the Hilltop" feature?

* 6. Did you read the "What a dive!" feature?

* 7. What did you think of the "What a dive!" feature?

* 8. What did you think of the "Energy stars" feature?

* 9. What did you think of the "Taking center stage" feature about the new accelerated nursing and video game design programs?

* 10. Did you read SportScene (BU sports news and updates)?

* 11. Did you read ClassNotes (updates on alumni)?

* 12. Did you read InMemory (obituaries of alumni, faculty, and staff)?

* 13. Did you read "Bradley in bloom" in CampusView?

* 14. What was your favorite article in the Summer 2010 issue?

* 15. About how much time do you usually spend reading Bradley Hilltopics?

* 16. What do you do with your copy of Bradley Hilltopics when you're finished with it?

* 17. What can be done to improve the magazine?

* 18. I would like to read more about:

* 19. Do you have any feature story ideas? If so, please list them here.

* 20. When did you attend Bradley? (if applicable)

* 21. Age (optional):

* 22. Gender:

* 23. State or country of residence:

* 24. Name (optional):

* 25. E-mail (optional; this will be used to contact you about story ideas you suggested):

* 26. Additional comments:

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