* 1. I used the following methods of communication through out the school year, to check on my child's progress in science.

* 2. The amount of homework given in science this year was...

* 3. What suggestions do you have for me to help increase communication between school and home?

* 4. I felt that the classroom expectations were clearly stated throughout the school year.

* 5. I was aware of the topics being covered during science throughout the school year?

* 6. I regularly had discussions with my child about the topics that he/she was learning about during science throughout the year.

* 7. Receiving weekly e-mails would help me stay on top of my child's responsibilities in science next year.

* 8. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 9. Any other suggestions for improving the academic, social or emotional environment in my science class

* 10. My name is...
My child's name is...