* 1. What sessions did you attend?

* 2. Overall, the weekend was...

* 3. Was too much information covered at the event, too little information covered, or about the right amount of information covered?

* 4. How clearly was the information presented at the event?

* 5. Give each of the following a rating according to helpfulness/blessing with 8 being most helpful/blessing and 1 least.

  confusing/don't remember this Could have done without Slightly helpful Helpful So, so glad to know Keeps coming to mind Want to share with others Life changing
Being your who
Living your why
Choosing your what
Being a victor (not a victim)
Song: Goodness of God
Song: Beyond the Veil
Interactive activities (verbal business card, secret info)

* 6. How prepared was the presenter (Dea)?

* 7. The main "take-away" I have from the teaching is...

* 8. The best part of the weekend was...

* 9. Optional: What suggestions do you have for improving Dea's presentations?

* 10. Optional: Use this space to leave a referral comment as a recommendation to other women's groups.