Roots & Wings Learning Community Registration

Hello! This is the place in which to register your child(ren) for the Roots & Wings Learning Community's 8 week spring semester. By completing this form you recognize that: a place is being held for your child(ren) in the day(s) you identify; you will pay a $50 per family registration fee within a week of your registration (paid via Paypal to; and you will pay the program tuition in a timely manner.

If you have arrived at this page and have questions about the program, you can learn more at or by emailing

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Program Details:
Roots & Wings is a farm-based, drop-off, supplemental education program for home schooled children between the ages of 5 and 13.  For this spring we will be adhering to the changes made this past fall to prioritize the safety of our community given the unknowns of COVID-19.  We will be offering an 8 week session from April 5-May 28th. The class length will remain at 90 minutes to make it more viable for children to wear masks, which we will be requiring. Classes will be offered in 3 sections Mon-Thurs: morning (10am), early afternoon (1pm), and later afternoon (3pm). Please understand that we are not able to provide activities or child care services in between class sections at this time. 
There is a $50 per family, non refundable, registration fee due immediately to secure your child's spot. If you cancel within two weeks of the semester start date you are obligated to pay for child(ren's) spot in the semester, unless your spot can be filled. Given COVID, if we are required to close the program, you will not have to pay for days when the program does not run. All families will need to complete and sign a participant handbook that details our respective agreements in this program, with a new emphasis on our COVID-19 response protocols. 

Please note the following registration guidelines:
*Registration will be first come first serve. The $50 per family registration fee must be made within 48 hours otherwise your spot will be made available to others and you will be added to the waitlist.
*After March 15th, 2021 you are obligated to pay the full semester's tuition unless you are able to find a replacement for your child(ren)'s spot.
*Please contact us with any questions as soon as possible so that we can assist you. 

If you ARE NEW to ROOTS & WINGS, please note:
*This program is run entirely outdoors. Children will need to dress for the daily weather and currently we only have porta pottie facilities with separate hand washing stations.
*Please note that we do not currently have the support staff to meet the needs of children that would need an IEP if they were in school or would need an aid. We looking towards being able to grow the program in this way in the future.
*Please note that this program is ONLY for children who are registered home schoolers. If your child is registered at a school we are not able to enroll them in the Roots & Wings program. You may be asked to provide paperwork showing homeschool status.

An orientation will be required for all new families - that date will be announced by March 1st. 
Thank you!

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* 2. Program days you are signing up for (please note the age ranges). You must specify which class is for which kid if you have more than one child registering in the details section for your children:

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* 6. Is there anything else you want to share at this time, for example if you have a want/need not reflected in this schedule please specify what you would like to see. If you have any follow-up questions, you are welcome to email  We will send emails to newly registered families at the end of each week. Thank you!