Welcome to this survey!

What is this survey about? This survey is about the administrative hassles you face in your daily work. Administrative hassles are excessive paperwork and administrative burdens that you have to deal with beyond what should strictly be necessary according to the rules. These hassles create costs in terms of time and effort that could otherwise be deployed more usefully elsewhere. Behavioural science research has found that these hassles (also called "sludge" or behavioural frictions) can negatively impact people’s lives, for example by making it harder to complete tasks and by increasing stress and frustration.

Who is conducting this survey? The survey is conducted by the UN Geneva Staff Union, with support from UNOG and together with researchers from the UN Behavioural Science Group.

Why are we doing this survey? Identifying and measuring administrative hassles at UN Geneva is the first step to advocate for reducing these hassles and thus free up your time for substantial work, improve workplace well-being and efficiency, and help support the UN’s broader mission. By filling out the survey, you are helping us to identify unnecessary administrative hassle, which can then be addressed further. 

What will happen after the survey? UN Geneva will share the results of the survey with you once the project is complete and work with UN management to implement the findings of the survey to reduce excessive administrative hassles.

If you consent to taking part in this survey, please click "next" and answer the questions. Your participation is entirely voluntary survey and you can withdraw at any time if you do not wish to continue taking part.