Please Share Your Thoughts for the Holidays for a Chance to Win a “Noodles” Ballpoint Pen!

The Rafu Shimpo would like to ask you about your gift plans for this coming December holiday season. Readers’ responses will be published in the upcoming “101 Holiday Gift Ideas” (Rafu Shimpo, December 5, 2012). Please tell us about how you are going to celebrate the holidays. If you complete the survey, you will be entered for a chance to win a Gwen Muranaka’s Comic Strip, “Noodles” illustrated ballpoint pen. Randomly selected 30 respondents will be receiving the pen via UPSP in mid-December, 2012. (Respondent must be 18 years or older)

* 1. How are you going to spend your late December holiday season this year? (Check all that apply)

* 2. How many FAMILY members are you planning on giving gifts to this year?

* 3. Please enter any special item that you wish to receive this year? Please write none if you have no special gift you wish to receive.

* 4. Please enter any special gift request you have from a family member? Please write none if you received no special gift request.

* 5. What type of gift do you plan to buy? If you have no plan, please write what you DID last year.

* 6. Considering all gifts you are planning on giving to both family and non-family, please write the type of gifts (name of the item) you are giving to each group. If you are not sure what you buy this year, please write what you gave to them last year. Write none if you do not have the group.

* 7. Any specific item/product/place that you would like to recommend to others as a gift this year? Please describe about the item and where you get it from.

* 8. Where do you plan to buy the gift items? (Check all that apply)

* 9. How much do you think you will spend on gifts in TOTAL for the December holiday season?

* 10. What do you usually take as a souvenir to Japan?

* 11. Any specific item/product that you would like to recommend to others as a souvenir ? Please describe about the item and where you get it from.

* 12. Please write about any special gift you received that you have cherished through the years?

* 13. What is your gender?

* 14. What is your age?

* 15. Can a Rafu Shimpo staff member contact you to get more information about your responses?

* 16. For entering the raffle or follow-up interview (only those who agreed), please provide us your name, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number.

* 17. Any other comments on your gift experience?