Class contact lists provide a means of contacting families within each class at Roberts McCubbin Primary School.  They provide a way of communicating details regarding upcoming events and social functions related to your child’s/children’s class(es). Whilst also providing parents with details that will facilitate play dates and support within the classroom.
Please complete this survey before 17th February 2017 which will enable us to collate class contact lists for each class.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.
Class lists will be distributed by Classroom Representatives as soon as possible.
Trish Scott
Class Representative Coordinator

* 1. Family Name:

* 2. Please list the FIRST names of your children who are attending RMPS in 2017.

* 7. Mother's Contact Details

* 8. Father's Contact Details

* 9. I agree to these details being distributed to other families within the class(es) my child/ren are enrolled for at RMPS.  I understand that my details will be used for school communication purposes ONLY (eg social or class events, notification of upcoming events, school information, etc)

* 10. I am interested in being a Class Representative in 2017 for my child's class.

If you are interested please check one of your child's classes and I will be in touch with you directly.