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* 1. College Park's ministries, committees, and work groups need YOU to volunteer to serve on them. This survey lets you review next year's service opportunities. Read each description and its start/end dates. Click on the one(s) you wish to volunteer for. Click the NEXT button for any item you wish to skip.
- If you volunteer for a 1-year or 3-year committee, a Nominating Committee member will contact you in October to confirm. 
- If you volunteer for a 1-year deacon ministry team, a deacon will contact you in January to confirm.
- If you served on a 3-year committee this year and still have 1 or 2 years left on your term, you no longer need to indicate on this survey that you'll continue serving; Nominating now assumes you will. If for any reason you cannot finish your 3-year term, note that on the very last page of this survey (be sure to identify the committee) or contact Nominating Committee chair Sarah Nelson. The church office (cpbcgbo@bellsouth.net, phone 273-1779) can put you in contact with Sarah.
Questions? Problems? Contact the church office.