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* 1. What Computer Course Did you Complete?

* 2. How worthwhile was the course material?

* 3. Which projects/lessons were most useful? Why?

* 4. Would you take this course again?

* 5. Would you recommend this course to others?

* 6. What facility did you take this course at?

* 7. How clean are the facilities at this location?

* 8. How was the air temperature?

* 9. How do you get to the facility?

* 10. Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience at this facility?

* 11. What is the name of your Instructor?

Please rate the instructor below

* 12. The instructor is organized?

* 13. The instructor explains concepts clearly?

* 14. The instructor is patient and assists me when I have difficulties?

* 15. The instructor makes sure I understand the topic before moving on?

* 16. The instructor provides enough practice and feedback?

* 17. The instructor makes the class enjoyable?

* 18. If you answered Disagree or Strongly Disagree to any of the above, please provide additional information so we can help to improve the situation. Thanks for your time-