The following committees are proposed for creation in support of the Botanica Lakes HOA Board of Directors.

This survey will serve to recruit community members who have interest in serving on them.

Please view the guidelines below before expressing interest. Note that for each committee, there will be a limited number of slots available. Those slots will be filled by the Board, and any additional people will be placed on a waiting list.
1. Each committee will work with and report to a Board of Directors Member, as their Point of Contact (POC) to the board.

2. Each committee will be comprised of at least 3 members, but no more than five. Any desired increase to a committee membership will be addressed by the board on an individual basis.

3. Each committee will select a Chairperson.

4. Each committee will be required to read, sign and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

5. Each committee will write a Mission Statement (to be reviewed by the board to insure no conflicts).

6. Each committee will write a job description as to their responsibilities and duties.

7. Each committee term will be for one year. Anticipated term January 1, 2014 thru December 31, 2014. December 2013 will be used as a period of organization.

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Landscaping - POC Richard Farrow
Budget and Finance - POC R. Bruce Snyder (4 openings)
Physical Plant and Maintenance - POC Joseph Stazzone
Welcome Committee - POC Margy Metzler (4 openings)
Security - POC Joseph Stazzone
Documentation/Communications - POC Joseph Stazzone

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