Hello!  Thank you for your interest in Washington's Water Quality Assessment and being a part of the public dialogue on Water Quality Policy 1-11 issues.  Please fill out this survey to register for the follow-up meetings scheduled for December 13 & 14 from 9:00am - 4:00pm at the Lacey Community Center in Lacey, WA.  Participation can be in person or by webinar.  For those attending in person, space may be limited.  Please let us know if your plans change after you've registered and are no longer able to attend in person (send email to 303d@ecy.wa.gov).  Registration details are below.

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* 5. What is the agency or organization you work for?

* 6. Dec. 13th--Day 1 topics are "Data used in the Assessment" (morning) and "Bioassessment" (afternoon).  Please indicate below how you plan to participate in the Day 1 meeting.

* 7. Dec. 14th--Day 2 topics are "Toxics & fish tissue data" (morning), and "TMDL Prioritization" and "Sediment Management Standards" (afternoon).  Please indicate below how you plan to participate in the Day 2 meeting.

* 8. If attending either day in person, are you interested in purchasing a lunch to be delivered on-site? (If yes, we will be contacting you for more information).

* 9. Please rank the five key topics identified in the scoping process in order of importance to you or your organization. (N/A indicates no interest).

* 10. If you attended the November 14 Public Workshop/Webinar, please share any suggestions we could do to improve the effectiveness of your participation in this process.