Share your experiences of using the CareerKits with your ESOL or Adult Literacy students

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your experiences of using The CUNY CareerKits with students. It's a new resource that is still in development, so hearing from the field about how activities are working in practice is critical.

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. Please include your email address and phone number where you can be reached in case we have follow-up questions.

* 3. What is your location, program or campus and role - teacher or counselor, for example?

* 4. What class subject and level have you used CareerKit activities with?

* 5. Describe which CareerKit sector and activities you have used. Also describe at what point in the semester or curriculum you used them, and in what part of class, for example, for an entire class, at the beginning or end of your class, as a workshop outside of your regular class hours.

* 6. Describe any adaptations you made, or any pre- or post-activities you led in combination with the CareerKit activity. You may describe your experience of using one CareerKit activities or several different activities.

* 7. How did it go? Describe your experience of leading the activity, including why you chose the activity you chose, and how the students responded.

* 8. How do the CareerKit activities you led contribute to the goals of your class? How are they related to the skills and content you regularly teach? Do the CareerKit activities support students in other ways?

* 9. Would you lead these CareerKit activities in future semesters? Why or why not? Would you adapt them? If so, how?

* 10. What advice to you have for ESOL and Adult Literacy teachers and counselors just starting out in using the CareerKits?