1. Survey Introduction

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Data is a key asset for companies. Not only gathering own data is substantial, also using third party data becomes more important. For instance:
  • Telecom company Orange delivers new marketing services to retailers based on aggregated mobile phone data;
  • Tractor producer John Deere aggregates data from farmers to help improve the performance of machines and crops and;
  • Fintech companies deliver their products by using extensive bank data.
This survey aims at understanding how companies share data with third parties and/or access data from other companies. Furthermore, we are highly interested in the actual benefits and barriers your company probably experiences. As only you can provide all of the necessary information, we need your expertise!

By answering this survey you will provide crucial insights for the future policy making at European level.
However, answers will of course be kept strictly confidential and anonymous. The survey can be completed in 5-8 minutes.
The results of this survey will serve as key inputs to the European Commission for developing new policies. The European Commission aims at identifying and addressing the bottlenecks in sharing and/or accessing data, and is considering a variety of possible policy options. It has recently launched both a Communication on "Building a European Data Economy - COM (2017)" and a public consultation to gather stakeholder feedback in this domain.
About this survey
Deloitte together with Open Evidence, time.Lex, Wik Consulting and Open Forum Europe is carrying out a study on the emerging barriers to the Free Flow of Data in Europe. The present survey is part of this study and, by targeting companies sharing and accessing data or willing to do so, aims at providing evidence on business practices of data sharers and re-users in Europe.

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