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* 1. Have you ever heard of grantor affinity groups and/or regional grantor networks?

* 2. Do you now, or have you ever, followed the activities of grantor affinity groups and/or regional grantor networks within your field by regularly reading the content on their websites and/or their public newsletters?

* 3. If so, which networks do you follow?

* 4. If you do follow them, what content do you read?

* 5. Have you or your organization ever made any attempts to influence the agenda of grantor affinity groups and/or regional grantor networks relevant to your field by developing targeted communications for them?

* 6. If so, which networks?

* 7. If you have done so, how have you gone about doing it?

* 8. Are you aware that grantor affinity groups and regional grantor networks have frequent gatherings where non-profit leaders are invited to speak about their issues?

* 9. Have you ever had requests from your Executive Director to be put on the agenda of a donor briefing held by a grantor affinity group and/or regional grantor network relevant to your issue?

* 10. If so, how many times?

* 11. If you have received these kinds of requests, what networks did you try for? Please name them:

* 12. Did you have success with any of them? Please describe.

* 13. Are you aware that grantor networks publish newsletters (as well as blogs, bulletins, listservs, and webinars) that often highlight successful grantees to their grantor members?

* 14. Has your organization ever been featured within such a newsletter?

* 15. If no, would you consider it valuable to attempt to gain exposure in such publications targeting grantors in your field?

* 16. Are you aware of other nonprofit communications directors/leaders who have actively worked to raise their organization's profile within grantor networks as a long-term donor visibility strategy?

* 17. Would you consider it a valuable use of your time to speak with communications directors of non-profits who have been able to gain visibility within grantor networks?

* 18. Would you ever consider approaching your current grantors with a request that they seek visibility for your organization in such grantor network newsletters?

* 19. If no, what are your hesitations?

* 20. Have you ever had a request from program staff to be have their policy, education or other work featured in grantor networks?

* 21. Has your organization ever created a grantors' guide to your issues for presentation to funders who support your field?

* 22. If no, would you consider doing so as a grantor education strategy?

* 23. If yes, please tell us any major impact the grantors' guide has had on your organization and on the field.

* 24. Have you added the staff and board leadership of grantor networks in your field to your organizational mailing lists?

* 25. Do you consider it part of your job to work with development staff on grantor communications?

* 26. In what ways do you do this currently, if you do?

* 27. When you were hired, were you asked by your superior to focus some communications efforts in targeting grantor networks to gain the organization's visibility there?

* 28. How many years have you been in non-profit communications?

* 29. How large is your organization?

* 30. How many people serve on the organization’s communications team?

* 31. How often, if at all, do you communicate with your major grantors about your program successes other than in quarterly or year-end reports?

* 32. How large is your organization?

* 33. How large is your annual budget?

* 34. What types of issues does your organization address in its core mission?

* 35. Is the focus of your programming:

* 36. Have you ever heard of any companies other than echo communications that are helping to promote non-profit organizations into grantor network spaces?

* 37. If so, what is the name of this company?

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