1. Welcome to Lactation Practice Survey for IBCLCs Working in Physician's Offices

Thank you for participating in our survey. We are often asked: What is normal? What is everyone else doing? What should I be charging? What can I expect?

We realize that we have no information on these questions. As of yet, there is no established industry standard for our very new profession. Working in a physician's office has become more popular and is a viable option for many IBCLCs.  This survey is our attempt to to learn from all of you what is actually happening "out there."  

Please note, the term "physician office" is used to describe practitioner(s) with whom you're associated.  We understand that there are other providers with whom IBCLCs have relationships; we'll clarify with what type of provider you're associated during the survey.

This survey is completely anonymous, however, if we'd love to have your contact information if you are willing to provide it so that we may ask follow-up questions with your permission.  Thank you for considering this.

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