The Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal (MSUNER) of the Montclair State University Center of Pedagogy welcomes you to apply for a Teacher Research Group Grant (TRG) for the 2022-2023  academic year.

A TRG is meant to provide an opportunity for educators to take responsibility for their own professional development and renewal by engaging in collaborative learning and structured inquiry that will advance the goal of simultaneous renewal of the schools and the education of educators.  In other words, it gives a group of educators a chance to work and learn together about a topic of mutual interest. Given that schools and districts are now requiring or encouraging Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), this grant  provides the opportunity for funding some of these PLCs.

Administrators and faculty from MSUNER partner schools, faculty from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, and Montclair State University faculty, are eligible to apply for this grant.  We encourage any and all combinations of educators to work together on a topic of mutual interest.  Since the possibilities are endless for the design and mission of the grant, let your imagination, interests, and needs guide your thinking when writing a proposal. The Teacher Research Group context provides a wonderful vehicle for collegial professional development to assist in and redesign teaching and learning. 

1. Each Teacher Research Group must include a minimum of four people. At least one of the members must be a Clinical Faculty member and all group members must apply for Clinical Faculty status by December 1, 2022. At the University, at least one member must have participated in at least one Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal, Center of Pedagogy, or Agenda for Education in a Democracy program during the past two years. The group should designate one educator as the group coordinator, who will be the contact person who makes sure all TRG grant requirements are met, and who is responsible for the funds granted. If the coordinator is not the Clinical Faculty member, he/she needs to apply if the proposal is funded. Administrators and supervisors are encouraged to work in teacher research groups, but may not be the coordinator.

2. Research group members must meet together for at least 16 hours during the school year. These meetings may be after-school, during breakfast, lunch or dinner, during common planning time or release time, if available, or any time the group chooses to schedule its meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: Members of research groups who do not complete their 16 hours of meeting time during 2022-2023 will not be awarded professional development hours, nor will they be eligible to apply for grants in the future.

3. There is a REQUIRED attendance roster (provided by MSUNER) for EACH meeting that all participants must sign themselves. Please note that only this required attendance sheet will qualify for awarding professional development hours. The group leader should insure that the information is complete and includes who is in attendance, start and end times and location of the meetings, and include a brief summary of the discussion for that meeting. Original copies of the rosters must be submitted to the MSUNER by the end of the year with your group's final report (form to be provided upon awarding of grant).

4. All original receipts for all expenditures must be submitted (attached to the the Excel sheet expense report you will be provided with upon receipt of the grant) for your final report.

The funds granted may be used for:

Books (May be online)
Materials (Includes APPs or Online Subscriptions)
Refreshments (not to exceed $100 for a $500 grant))
Guest speakers

Grants are limited to $500

The funds granted may not be used for:

Release time
Substitute coverage
Travel reimbursement
Anything not directly related to your area of study
5. Research groups must document their work in a NARRATIVE REPORT to the MSUNER by June 1, 2023. The report will need to include a title page, goals, accomplishments, future plans, a log of meeting dates and times accompanied by the sign-in sheets for each meeting. Required guidelines and format for this report will be provided upon awarding of the grant.

6. An EXPENSE REPORT FORM must be submitted with the final report, including original receipts for all expenditures attached to the Expense Report Form. Required guidelines and format for this report will be provided upon awarding of the grant.

6. Each of the Teacher Research Groups are expected to present a session showing their work at the 2023 Annual MSUNER SUMMER CONFERENCE.

7. Funds will be sent to the school district to the attention of the group leader unless otherwise requested. If your proposal is accepted, a W-9 form must be completed by the receiving district or school.

Question Title

* 1. Research Group Information

Please complete the following information for each of the Teacher Research Group members. Remember that a minimum of 4 participants is required.

Question Title

* 2. Research Group Coordinator Contact Information (Group Member # 1):

Question Title

* 3. Group Member #2 Contact Information:

Question Title

* 4. Group Member #3 Contact Information:

Question Title

* 5. Group Member # 4 Contact Information:

Question Title

* 6. This Research Study Group Grant Proposal has the following focus (choose one):

Question Title

* 7. In the text box below, please provide the research question you intend to study.
In 250-500 words describe:
- TRG Research Question
- The purpose and rationale for the study group
- The chosen topic or focus
- The scope of the work proposed (Data to be collected and Methodology used to collect it)
- Intended Outcomes of the Study

Question Title

* 8. Please provide an estimated budget that includes approximate amounts requested for the work in each of the following categories:
- BOOKS (May be online)
- MATERIALS (May include APPs or Online Subscriptions)

Question Title

* 9. Total amount requested:

Question Title

* 10. School Building Principal has been informed of the TRG Project:

Question Title

* 11. MSUNER District Coordinator has been informed of your application proposal:

**Group members from previous years whose group(s) did not fulfill all requirements are not eligible to apply for TRG or TIG Grant awards.
**All members of TRG groups who do not complete each of the requirements above will not be awarded professional development hours.

Question Title

* 12. All members of this Teacher Research Group have read these requirements and agree to them.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Teacher Research Group Grant! 
Please feel free to contact MSUNER with any questions:

VERY IMPORTANT: Please print a copy of your proposal for your records before you hit "submit."