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June 2024

Please complete the application form on the next page for each student. The deadline to submit is May 1, 2024. 
Students from international areas of conflict have the opportunity to attend the MAA's Mathematical Olympiad Program (MOP) from June 3 -19, 2024, and potentially our Pre-MOP girl inclusivity program on June 1-3, 2024. Three countries will be chosen.

The Mathematical Olympiad Program is a mathematically stimulating summer experience designed to broaden students' view of mathematics while fostering their excitement toward further math study. Over the course of three weeks, they will complete classes that enhance their problem-solving skills and take tests that help prepare them for areas of mathematics like algebra, geometry, combinatorics, number theory, and many other special topics. Outside of classes, they will interact with other talented young mathematicians from across the United States of America and around the world, furthering their mathematical development. They will train with the entire  USA IMO team and about 50 other USA National Finalists as part of a cohort of 30 international special guests. 

Pre-MOP is a two-day program that takes place before the start of MOP. It provides the young women participating in MOP an opportunity to acclimate to the MOP environment, meet instructors, practice problem-solving skills, and ultimately, support their math abilities before the beginning of MOP. They will practice mathematics in a specialized and individualized space that fosters a collaborative learning environment.  

All members of the MOP staff either reside in Pittsburgh or are housed on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus, where the students will be staying, so the staff will closely interact with the participants outside of class as well. In the past, this interaction has greatly contributed to developing our country's most talented young mathematicians.

The students representing these countries should either be competing for a national team at this coming IMO or eligible to compete at next year’s IMO, EGMO, or other mathematical Olympiad.
Definition of Areas of Conflict:
Areas of conflict, for purposes of this opportunity, can be identified by: 

(A) armed conflict (interstate or intrastate), whether between the forces of two or more states or between state forces and non-state armed groups, regarding the control of governments, territories, or resources; 

(B) armed violence, where there are high violence rates and localized armed violence (but such violence does not meet the criteria required for categorization as an armed conflict under international humanitarian law (“IHL”)); 

(C) an ongoing transition from an armed conflict to peace;

(Adapted from the Geneva Academy’s proposed criteria and guidelines to identify conflict-affected areas: Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)

All applicants will be required to fit the following criteria:

-Demonstrate a high level of mathematical ability and interest through past participation in an international mathematical olympiad program or other international mathematical competition with your country and/or through high scores in mathematical competitions such as the American Mathematics Competitions

-Possess conversational English skills

-Be between 14 and 18 years of age in June 2024; students cannot be in their last year of secondary school or graduating in 2024.
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