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About this questionnaire

You are being asked to complete this survey as MS Ireland wish to gather feedback on MS Explored - The Podcast. We are currently planning Season 2 of this project with our collaborators Novartis and your feedback will help us to make decisions on the direction of the podcast.

It will take approximately 3 minutes to answer all the questions.

Data protection and how your information will be used:

In order for MS Ireland to comply with current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we are required to obtain your formal consent to gather and use information about you. The information gathered will be used to evaluate MS Explored - The Podcast and to ensure the direction of the podcast is informed by feedback from our listeners. This data will be stored on our secure online servers for 7 years. Only key MS Ireland staff have access to data however, anonymised (non-identifying) responses will be shared with our project partners Novartis and Wilson Hartnell PR in order to plan and prepare for Season 2.

Under GDPR regulations MS Ireland must adhere to the following:

1. Valid consent must be explicit for the responses collected and the purposes the data is used for.

2. The consent does not imply consent forever.

3. The data must only be used for the purpose it was initially intended & no other.

Therefore MS Ireland requires you to consent to the following

Question Title

* 1. I consent to MS Ireland using data collected from this survey to compile and share reports.

Question Title

* 2. I consent to MS Ireland using my responses to evaluate the MS Explored - The Podcast project, so as to ensure continuous improvement.

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