Project Communications Questionnaire

* 1. Have you received information about NorthConnex project activities in your area in the past?

* 2. If yes, how have you received information about NorthConnex? (Please select all that apply.)

* 3. By responding to the below questions, help us to understand how you rate the quality of the information you receive from NorthConnex:

  Yes No Not Applicable
Was the information you received timely?
Was the information you received easy to understand?
Was the information you received objective?
Was the information you received meaningful and relevant?
Was the information you received well presented?
Were any included maps or diagrams clear?
Was the information accessible and easy to find?
Were opportunities for feedback or comment provided? (if relevant)
If you spoke with NorthConnex staff, were they courteous and helpful? 

* 4. How would you rate your experience dealing with NorthConnex so far?

* 5. Have you come in to contact with any of our environment and sustainability education programs?

* 6. If you answered Yes to Question 5, did you find the program informative or notice an improvement in your understanding?

* 7. If you frequently walk or drive past any of our construction sites, do you feel safe when passing by? 

* 8. Do you have any other feedback that you would like to provide to the NorthConnex Project Team today?

* 9. In future, how would you like to receive information about NorthConnex relevant to you?

* 10. Your contact details (optional)