Welcome. On November 24 there will be a Victorian State Election.

The 2018 Victorian Election is a great opportunity for us to ensure political parties commit to solutions that can end homelessness. To ensure this happens we need to firstly, put the right solutions forward in our platform, and secondly, reach out to politicians so they make these solutions a priority. 

We're asking you to tell us what you think needs to be in the platform. We'll then develop this into a Victorian Homelessness Sector Election Platform, to which we'll be asking all Victorian political parties to commit.

We want the plan to reflect the solutions that your experience shows will work, and we want you to use it to lobby politicians. If we can reach enough politicians and election candidates, we can ensure that any future Government has a real plan to address the homelessness crisis.

So far CHP has been around the state asking specialist homelessness services across Victoria what needs to be in the platform. But not everybody can be at a face-to-face meeting. If you missed out, now is your chance to feed in.

Please be aware that this survey includes a large number of open ended questions. You are not expected to provide answers to every question. This survey will close on Monday 4 June.

This survey is designed for everybody with a passion for ending homelessness - practitioners, team leaders, CEO's, consumers, researchers, and allied services. Please feel free to circulate it to your colleagues and partner agencies.

* 1. Please provide us with your contact details. This will help us to consult with you further as requred.

* 2. Which best describes your role: