Database Matter - Register your interest in the hacks!

Data science is often treated as hard fact whilst art tends to look at the world in shades of grey. In our new project AXNS Collective is exploring how art can inform the way data shapes our lives.

AXNS are staging a series of hacks to bring together designers (visual, interactive and sound), artists, scientists and developers to find new methods of data representation that push the boundaries of how we see, experience and use data.

The series of hacks form the R&D stage of a wider project about data representation, for which we intend to commission a multi-channel and multi-sensory art installation that represents one data set in multiple ways. The overall aim is to interrogate the illusion of the ‘neutral interface’ and explore how data can be brought closer to human experience. We are looking to find an artist or a group of artists to carry out the commission.

For the full brief -

* 1. Select your main area of expertise

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* 2. BRIEFLY describe your relevant experience in the above areas

* 3. We will be pairing people to work together. Please let us know if there is any area of expertise you would be particularly interested in working with.

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* 4. We are interested in bringing people together who have different levels of expertise with handling data. Please rate below your experience of working with the following:

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Basic data handling software (e.g. Excel)
Data literacy
Coding software (e.g. MATLAB, Python, R)
Data visualisation

* 5. Tell us a little about about your interest in data

* 6. Are there any particular kinds of data you would be interested in working with?

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* 7. The hacks will be on 3 dates in July and August. Let us know your availability

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