Security is a growing concern among residents of our homeowners association community. And one of the ways the Waterford Place HOA can help facilitate better security in our community is to cultivate a strong, positive relationship between the Waterford Place community and our neighbors just down the road --- the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD), 5th District.
The Board of Directors is working with MCPD 5th District to host a "Coffee With A Cop" one-hour coffee break onsite for the Waterford Place residents, and we'd like your input on the best time to host this one-hour coffee break during a weekday (Monday-Friday).
Please indicate whether you would attend an informal "Coffee With A Cop" one-hour coffee break organized and held in the Waterford Place community, and indicate the convenient time for you.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this survey!

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* 1. Would you attend an informal "Coffee With A Cop" one-hour coffee break located outdoors in the Waterford Place community?

33% of survey complete.