Thank you for taking the time to review the below information and for choosing to share information that will inform Penn Charter’s understanding of issues impacting our community, including our culture and climate related to race, sex and gender. 

This site has been created to provide an online platform for students, alumni, faculty, staff, families and other individuals affiliated with the William Penn Charter School to share information with Dr. Sherry Coleman and Jennifer Bullock, external professionals we have engaged to assist us in gathering individual experiences and community feedback to inform our critical work to better serve our students and our community.
  • Sherry Coleman is a nationally recognized DEI practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in and with independent schools as a teacher, administrator and consultant. She works as a coach, advisor and organizational specialist with a lens for diversity, equity and anti-racism training. She has worked nationally on equity and inclusion initiatives through training, structural and group dynamics.
  • Jennifer Bullock is a psychotherapist with extensive experience offering trauma-informed treatment of adolescents and their families and is a consultant with forensic and clinical expertise in childhood sexual abuse. 
This online platform allows you to share your experiences and observations about the William Penn Charter School related to racial discrimination and harassment, sexual and gender-based harassment or violence, or to offer comments or recommendations about education, prevention, culture and climate.

Participants may choose to submit information anonymously, with or without identifying information, and with or without contact information. No personally identifiable information will be gathered unless a participant voluntarily offers such information in any of the comment fields. Participants also have the option to request follow up contact from the external professionals.

If you have reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect of a child, you may contact the Pennsylvania ChildLine and Abuse Registry at 1-800-932-0313 or electronically through the Child Welfare Portal. Any information submitted here that raises reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect of a child will be shared with child protective services or law enforcement consistent with Pennsylvania law. 

Potential criminal conduct can also be reported to local law enforcement by calling 911, contacting the 9th Police District or Philadelphia Police Department Special Victims Unit.