* 1. In which Summer Reading Club(s) did you and/or your child participate?

* 2. How did you learn about the Library's Summer Reading Club?

* 3. What motivated you and/or your child to participate in the 2014 Summer Reading Club?

* 4. Did reading patterns change for you or your children due to Summer Reading Club participation?

* 5. What prizes would motivate you to participate in the Summer Reading Club next year? (You may choose more than one.)

* 6. What did you like most -- and least -- about JCPL's Summer Reading Club(s)?

* 7. Would you or did you recommend the Library's Summer Reading Club to a friend or acquaintance?

* 8. What improvements to the Summer Reading Club would you like to see next year?

* 9. Please share any stories about the impact the Summer Reading Club had on you or your children.

* 10. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the library's Summer Reading Club, 5 being satisfied, and 1 being unsatisfied.

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