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This survey is a tool by which you can share your thoughts, opinions and dreams about WPBC.  The results of the survey will help shape the future path of our church and its ministries.  Thank you for your willingness to participate

·      We encourage all frequent attenders and church members to complete the survey.

·      There are no right or wrong answers; just go with your first impression.

·      To ensure anonymity, no partially completed electronic surveys are stored, so all questions must be answered in one sitting.

·      The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

·      Every person in your household who is over 15 may complete the survey.


* 1. Please indicate your age

* 2. Please indicate your gender

* 3. Marital Status

* 4. Which best describes your current household?

* 5. What is your drive time to WPBC campus?

* 6. Which Worship Service/Campus do you normally attend?

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9% of survey complete.