Welcome to the OMICRON survey about events and fairs

Due to the situation around Covid-19, we too were forced to shift the personal contacts at trade fairs and seminars to the virtual world.

We would like to get an overview of your ideas and wishes in this regard. The goal of this survey is to gather valuable input that will subsequently help us to optimize our (online)-events offer for you. You will help us a lot by giving us your honest feedback and participating in this survey.
  • The survey consists of 23 questions and will take approx. 6 - 8 minutes.
  • The term event also includes seminars, conferences, etc.
  • In the following, an "analog" or "physical" event is understood as an event with a physical presence.
We would really appreciate it if you could complete the survey.

Thank you for your contribution.

(This survey was created as part of a bachelor thesis)