* 1. Overall, I feel that the HS-ERA system is user-friendly.

* 2. I feel that the IRB User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are useful tools for navigating the system or trouble-shooting common problems.

* 3. If I have needed assistance with a system issue or related content question, I have received a comprehensive and timely response.

* 4. I feel that the process of routing the application between submitter, Principal Investigator, Department Chair (or authorized approver within the department) and the IRB is timely and successful.

* 5. I find the initial text supplied within the application questions, as well as the additional help bubbles with additional help text if available, to be concise and clear in describing what information or uploaded documents the IRB is requesting for the section.

* 6. Additional Comments? (Anything you would change about the system, upgrades to current sections of the application that would facilitate the submission process, etc.)